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Complete the response to the question. Enter the plural formEx. If you are given "(nêhiyaw)", answer "nêhiyawak". of the noun given in brackets. TranslateHold the ALT key and click on any word for its translation. this page.

kîkwây kinitawêyihtên (minihkwâcikanis)
kîkwây kinitawêyihtên (môhkomân)
awîniki ê-ayâcik ôtênâhk (iskwêsis)
ôtênâhk ê-ayâcik
awîniki ê-ayâcik âhkosîwikamikohk (nêhiyaw)
âhkosîwikamikohk ê-ayâcik
awîniki ê-ayâcik wâskahikanihk (nâpêw)
wâskahikanihk ê-ayâcik