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Interjections, words expressing emotion, are words lacking grammatical connection. They might also be used instead of sentences. A few examples of English interjections arewow, ugh, brrr.

Saami interjections would include hei, geah, vuoi, hás, ce, hrus, for instance. "hei" and "geah" are what you use when calling out to people or just for expressing surprise, whereas "ce" and "hrus" are what you use when calling to dogs. "vuoi" can be used for expressing a lot of things, disappointment or surprise. Other interjections include onomatopoeic words, such as,njáv, beavgga beavgga.

  • 'Hei', movt dat girddihii.
  • ('My' how that flies.)
  • 'Geah'! Lean rabas julggiid olggos vázzilan.
  • ('Gosh'! I've come out bare-foot.)
  • 'Vuoi', go lea váivi.
  • ('Gee', that's too bad.)
  • Benne, 'ce'!
  • (Benne, come here! (to a dog))
  • 'Hrus' eret, soffá alde!
  • ('Shoo' get off the sofa (to a dog)!)
  • Bussá njávgá 'njáv'.
  • (The cat says meow.)