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Coordinating conjunctions are words that join constituents of the same type:

  • Piera 'ja' Lemet leaba boahtán.
  • (Piera 'and' Lemet have arrived.)
  • Mun oainnán 'sihke' Piera 'ja' Lemeha.
  • (I can see 'both' Piera 'and' Lemet.)
  • Mun lean sápmelaš, 'muhto' in máhte sámegiela.
  • (I'm a Saami 'but' I can't speak the language.)

Subordinating conjunctions join subordinate clauses with main clauses:

  • 'Jus' asttán, 'de' boađán.
  • ('If' I have time, I'll come.)
  • Iŋgá dadjá 'ahte' Elle boahtá.
  • (Ingá says that Elle is coming.)

Some coordinating and subordinating conjunctions can mean various things, e.g., the word gocan mean 'when', 'because' and 'than'. Some meanings can be expressed in various ways, e.g., "or" can be expressed with vai, dahje, -ge. vaiis used in questions, and the particle -geis used in combination with the verb of negation. Elsewhere we use the word dahje:

  • Mun boađán odne 'dahje' ihttin.
  • (I will come today 'or' tomorrow.)
  • Boađátgo odne 'vai' ihttin?
  • (Are you coming today 'or' tomorrow?)
  • In juga gáfe 'inge' deaja.
  • (I don't drink coffee 'or' tea.)
  • Jugan 'juogo' gáfe 'dahje' deaja.
  • (I drink either coffee 'or' tea.)
  • Mun boađán 'go' asttán.
  • (I' come when I have time.)
  • Mun boađán 'go' lean bovdejuvvon.
  • (I'm coming 'since' I've been invited.)
  • Mun boađán 'danne go/danin go /dainna go/dan dihte go' lean bovdejuvvon.
  • (I'm coming 'since' I've been invited.)
  • Mun lean stuorát 'go' don.
  • (I'm bigger 'than' you [sg.].)
  • Veahkehan du 'vai' gearggat.
  • (I'll help you 'so that' you make it in time.)
  • Veahkehan du 'nu ahte' gearggat.
  • (I'll help you 'so that' you make it in time.)
  • Veahkehan du 'vaikko' it dárbbašge veahki.
  • (I'll help you 'even if' you don't need help.)
  • Don borat 'dego' spiidni.
  • (You eat 'like' a pig.)
  • Daga 'nugo' mun.
  • (Do 'as' I do.)

Subordinating conjunctionsgo can also be combined with adverbs and postpositional constructions:

  • Mun boađán 'ovdal go' don vuolggát.
  • (I'll come 'before' you leave.)
  • Mun boađán easkka 'maŋŋil go' don leat mannan.
  • (I won't come until after you're [sg.] gone.)
  • Vuordde 'dassážii go' mun boađán.
  • (Wait 'until' I come.)
  • Bargen leavssuid 'dan botta go' earát ođđe.
  • (I did the assignments 'while' the others slept.)
  • Vuolggán 'dalle go' gávppit rahpasit.
  • (I'll leave when the stores open up.)
  • Lea guokte jagi 'dassái go' bohten Romsii.
  • (It has been two years 'since' I came to Tromsø.)