Pronunciation and grammar

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We are working on a mini grammar for Skolt Sámi designed especially for users of Oahpa!-nuõrti .

The materials we have used include:

  • Feist, T. 2010: A grammar of Skolt Saami . Manchester.
  • Moshnikoff, S. / Moshnikoff J. / Koponen 2009: Koltansaamen koulukielioppi. Inari.
  • Sammallahti, P. / Mosnikoff, J. 1991: Suomi-koltansaame-sanakirja. Utsjoki.

Here is a link to our paradigm generator where you can type in a word and get its various word forms.

So far our grammar contains the following chapters (we plan to write more):

Please note that our ressources are at a developmental stage and may contain errors. We work on improving them. If you have comments or criticism, feel free to contact us (