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Here are the letters of the Skolt Sámi alphabet in the standard alphabetical order. A few letters are given in parentheses. Those are either letter combinations representing one single sound (LJ lj and NJ nj) or they are used only in proper names or non-native words (W w, Æ æ and Ö ö / Ø ø).

From each letter in the left column you can jump directly to an explanation with example words by clicking the link. The middle column gives the name we use for the single letters. And by clicking the links in the right column you can listen to the pronunciation of the letter.

Note that the audio files represent only a very general pronunciation. In some words or with speakers of different dialects the actual sound can differ significantly. In the sections about vowels, consonants and other letter-like characters you can listen to the pronunciation of example words.

A a a [a]
 â a with circumflex [ɐ]
B b b [aba]
C c c [aʦa]
Č č c with caron [aʧa]
Ʒ ʒ ezh [aʣa]
Ǯ ǯ ezh with caron [aʤa]
D d d [ada]
Đ đ d with stroke [aða]
E e e [e]
F f f [afa]
G G g [aga]
Ǥ ǥ g with stroke [aɣa]
Ǧ ǧ g with caron [aɟa]
H h h [aha]
I i i [i]
J j j [aja]
K k k [aka]
Ǩ ǩ k with caron [aca]
L l l [ala]
(LJ lj) [aʎa]
M m m [ama]
N n n [ana]
(NJ nj) [aɲa]
Ŋ ŋ eng [aŋa]
O o o [o]
Õ õ o with tilde [ɘ]
P p p [apa]
R r r [ara]
S s s [asa]
Š š s with caron [aʃa]
T t te [ata]
U u u [u]
V v v [ava]
(W w) [v]
Z z z [aza]
Ž ž z with caron [aʒa]
Å å a with ring [ɒ]
Ä ä (Æ æ) a with diaeresis [æ]
(Ö ö / Ø ø)
ˊ soft sign
ˈ lenghth sign
ʼ hard sign