Welcome to OAHPA-davvi, a learning program for North Saami!

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OAHPA-davvi is a learner's aid for acquisition of North Saami language, but the programs are also integrated in courses here: https://kursa.oahpa.no (Instruction language is Norwegian and Finnish). The OAHPA-programs have many choices and therefore can be suited to the students. We have have drafted a brief introduction to each of the programs:

  • Numra - practice with numbers
  • Leksa - practice with words and place names
  • Morfa - inflection of words, individual words or in sentences
  • Vasta - answer questions
  • Sahka - participate in dialogues

Our goal is for the students to practice vocabulary that is typical for beginners. In many of the programs it is possible for the student to limit the vocabulary to what is given in the books used. If the student would prefer to work on vocabulary according to subject, he/she can select thematic word lists.

We have drawn up a minigrammar where each word class is explained with examples and inflections. The students have access to this grammar via a window in the upper right corner in the OAHPA-programs.

The students can choose between western and eastern dialect. This means that the vocabulary, inflectional patterns and explanations are given according to the dialect selected, for example, trisyllabic verbs in the present: "mii muitalat" (eastern), "mii muitalit" (western). But the program will approve all correct spellings of the Saami words regardless of the dialect selected.

We have programs for those who already know Saami pretty well, but who wish to learn about grammar and syntax - VISL-games - see in the left margin. Killerfiller also has levels for those who are only beginning to learn Saami.

In the right margin under "Resources" you will find generation of inflectional paradigms, dictionaries, word and text analysis, as well as articles on word classes and sentence analysis.

Some of the programs are beta-versions, and this means that there might be errors and possibilities for improvement. We will be happy to hear your comments! (oahpa@uit.no)

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