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Sentence collection levels

Here you can train word inflection in sentences. We have four collections of sentences, all of which have their own word class alternatives.

Verb conjugation is adjusted to different learner levels, such as:

  1. Introductory level: imperative (2sg only) and indicative (present only)
  2. Medium level: imperative (2nd pers. only), indicative (both present and past) and actio.
  3. High level: indicative, imperative and conditional, in all persons and numbers. There are also passive and some infinite forms, such as the non-finite verb abessive.
  4. In the fourth set you can conjugate the verbs in the potential, and you can also work with adjectives, numerals, reflexive pronouns and possessive suffixes.

In sentence collections 1-3, you may also inflect nouns and pronouns.


Making student groups

The teacher should register herself/himself as a teacher, and the pupils should register the user name of their teacher when they register themselves. Then the teacher may follow the work of the pupils.

Grammatical abbreviations

The abbreviations are in alphabetical order.

Abbreviation Explanation
1 2 3 person: 1. 2. 3.
actio actio
Com comitative
comp comparative
cond conditional
du/DU dual
Ess essive
foc/ge focal ge, like the word form 'inge'
Ill illative
Imp imperative
impf past
inf infinitive
Loc locative
Pass passive
pcp1 present participle
pcp2 perfect participle
pl/PL plural
pot potential
pr present
sg/SG singular
sup superlative
supi supine
vabe verb abessive

Side forms

In the present 3pl we accept both boradit and boradat.

In the past 3sg we accept both lei and leai.

In the potential 3sg we accept both leažžá and leaš and bođeža and bođeš, and for 1pl boražit and boražat.

For adjective comp sg the accepted forms are divraseabbo and divrasat.

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