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About the game

In the Paintbox game the topic is parts of speech. The goal is to colour the words in the sentence with the right colour. Each part of speech has its own colour. Click the appropriate part of speech, and thereafter the word(s) which belong(s) to the same part of speech.


Begin to play

Press "Go".


You may press "SHOW", and then the word for which you need help.

The sentence again - or a new sentence

When you are done analysing a sentence, you may choose to analyse the same sentence again (by clicking "Repeat"), or get a new one (with the button "New Sentence").

Sound and hippopotamus

You may choose whether you want to play with or without sound. You may also exchange the hippopotamus with a face.


If you press "Start select" then you may choose to look for one or a couple of parts of speech. Press the button again when you have made your choice. At the bottom you will see how many words should be assigned a colour, marked with "Words left". In this game you may not choose sentences yourself.


Parts of speech and their abbreviations

We use the following parts of speech:

n Noun (girji, lohkamat, golmmas)
prop Proper noun (William, Kárášjohka)
pron Pronoun (mun, sidjiide, soapmásat, ollu)
num Numeral (okta, 1923)
adj Adjective (alit, ollu, njealját)
prp Preposition/postposition (alde, miehtá)
conj Conjunction (ja, ahte, vaikko)
intj Interjection (vuoi, jippi)
adv Adverb (hui, johtilit, olgun)
v Verb (lean, borran, juhkamis)
part Particle (go, amma, han)

Some of the buttons have parts of speech not in use in Sámi, such as "infm" (infinitival marker) and "art" (article).

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