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The VISL programs are made to teach grammatical consepts, and for people who already know Saami. The VISL group at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) has done the program development and programming, and the University of Tromsø has provided the Saami content. The programs are beta versions, and they may contain errors. We would like to receive comments! (

In the VISL programs, menus, buttons and feedback are in English.

Part of speech games

Training part of speech is important. Here follow links to four different games.


Games for sentence analysis

These games help you do sentence analysis.


  • Syntris - subjects, objects and other constituents shall fall down on the right place - the game reminds of Tetris.
  • SpaceRescue - you shall find out what word belongs to what sentence constituent, and rescue them with a space ship.
  • Sentence analysis - Draw syntactic tree structures in interaction with the computer (suitable for high shcool, college and university).

Word inflection and wordquiz



If you want to adjust the games to the pupils' level, you might want to look at our sentence corpus.

If you want to learn more about sentence analysis, look here: Sentence analysis

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