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Begin to play

  1. Write the code of the sentence, or
  2. just press "Play"

then press the F2 key on your keyboard.

Sentence code

In the Shooting Gallery you work with parts of speech.

You may choose a sentence collection, or a specific sentence, e.g. SMEA143. But in that case you cannot register your result. The sentence collections are: SMEA, SMEB ja SMEC.

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The game

The machine gives you 100 sentences to shoot down. The sentences are divided in 10 groups, and the machine chooses one syntactic function for each group.

Your task is to aim at words with the mouse, and then shoot. Each time you shoot the right part of speech, the word turns green, and you get 10 points. If the word turns red, you have hit the wrong word, and you lose 10 points.

The game ends if you shoot 5 wrong words, or if you fail to shoot down 5 correct words. You may also stop the game yourself, by choosing "Stop Game" or "Quit" on the "Game" menu. But you may register your result only if you press "Stop Game", and if you have enough points.


If your results are among the 10 best of today, or among the 100 best overall, then you may register your name and country in the hall of fame.


There are 3 levels: "Beginner", "Intermediate" and "Expert". The higher level you choose, the faster the sentences fly, and the longer they are. The game begins at the "Intermediate" level, but you may choose level yourself on the "Game" menu.

Parts of speech

If you don't want to use all parts of speech, you may choose "Word Classes" in the "Game" menu. There you also may choose predefined sets.

We use these parts of speech:

n Noun (girji, lohkamat, golmmas)
prop Proper noun (William, Kárášjohka)
pron Pronoun (mun, sidjiide, soapmásat, ollu)
num Numeral (okta, 1923)
adj Adjective (alit, ollu, njealját)
prp Preposition/postposition (alde, miehtá)
conj Conjunction (ja, ahte, vaikko)
intj Interjection (vuoi, jippi)
adv Adverb (hui, johtilit, olgun)
v Verb (lean, borran, juhkamis)
part Particle (go, amma, han)

In some cases you will find parts of speech not found in Sámi, such as "infm" (infinitival marker) and "art" (article).

You may read more about our sentences and parts of speech here: Sentences, syntactic functions and parts of speech


You may turn the sound off and on in the "Sound Effects Settings" menu.

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