Syntris (Function game)

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In the Syntris game you work with sentence functions.

Begin to play

  1. Write sentence code – or
  2. just press "Go"

Activate the Java window with the arrow, and then press the F2 key on your keyboard.

Sentence code

You may choose a sentence collection or a specific sentence, say SMEA143. In this case you are not allowed to register your result. The sentence collections are marked with SMEA, SMEB and SMEC.



The computer chooses a sentence and divides it into constituents. Then a box containing four different syntactic functions drops down from above. You may use the left and right arrows to move the box to the right or left to place it over a word, and you may change the order of functions with the up and down arrows. The correct function shall be placed on the bottom of the box, and then dropped on a word representing that function

Speed and pause

If you press the space bar, the box drops faster. If you want a pause, press the p key. When you press the same key again, the game will continue.


Every time the box falls down on the correct constituent, you receive 10 points and the constituent turns grey. When the box falls on the wrong constituent, you lose 5 points and the computer picks a new sentence. The old sentence still remains below the new sentence. If you manage to choose the right function for the constituents of the new sentence, you can try to solve the old sentence again.

When 10 sentences have been stacked on top of each other, the game is over. You may also end the game by choosing "Stop Game" or "Quit" on the Game-menu.


If your result is among the top 10 today, or among the overall top 100, you may register your name and where you come from.

Sentence constituents

We use the following sentence constituents:

Abbreviation Sentence constituent Example
S Subject Min nieiddat leat čeahpit. Bahádahkki son lea! De dáhpáhuvai, ahte rievvár bođii.
P Verbal (predicator) Min nieiddat leat čeahpit. Ale mana! Don galggat jaska veallát.
Od Object Bija buori dola. Maid Máret áigu oastit? Dieđát go goas mis lea čoahkkin?
A Adverbial Lávvui gullá maid uvssot. Doai leahppi áŋgirit lohkan sámegiela olles dálvvi. Nieida lei skuvllas. Jus dieđášin, de dajašin.
HAB Habitive Mus leat ustibat. Min bussás leat alit čalmmit.
fC Predicative Min bussás leat alit čalmmit. Gáttis ledje olbmot.
Cs Subject predicative Min nieiddat leat čeahpit.
Co Object predicative Son oaččui dan luoikkasin. Gáhkuid son ráhkada hui buriid.
Cp Predicative predicative Mus leat gieđat nu galbmasat.
CO Coordinator Muhto Parkera gal deavččastetne.
SUB Subordinator Jus dieđášin, de dajašin. Son lea viššaleabbo go mun.
PART Particle Boađát go odne?
VOC Vocative Gilette, boađe donge!

We use the following coordination symbols:

Abbreviation Coordinating element Example
CO Coordinator Sii ráhkadedje muohtaádjáid ja muohtaeŋgeliid.
CJT Conjunct Sii ráhkadedje muohtaádjáid ja muohtaeŋgeliid.

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