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Begin the game

In the Labyrinth game you work with parts of speech.

You may

  1. write the sentence number – or
  2. just press "Play"

Then a new window is opened with a yellow mouse. If you click on this mouse's red button, the game begins. Then a labyrinth appears, with parts of speech. You land in the labyrinth via a parachute.


Then a sentence appears. You are then supposed to traverse the labyrinth, so that you find the right part of speech to the marked words of the sentence. Note that you cannot traverse the same labyrinth field twice. Note also that you should not stay in the same area too long, because then a dangerous ghost may come hunting you! If the ghost gets you, you lose one of your lives.

You move by using the arrow keys. You may go through the walls in order to find the right part of speech, but you cannot cross your own path.


Sentence code

You may choose a sentence set or a specific set by typing its code, e.g. SMEA143. In that case you may not register your result. The sentence sets are SMEA, SMEB ja SMEC.


The more skilful you are, the more difficult the game gets. When you have done 5 sentences, the ghost comes earlier and moves faster than before. The ghost barometer to the right shows the level.


In the beginning of the game you get 5 spare lives. You lose a life if 1) you choose a wrong part of speech, 2) cross your own path twice or 3) try to go through the wall even though you have the correct POS nearby.


You get 5 points each time you assign the correct part of speech. You lose 5 points if you make a mistake and lose a life. When you analyse a sentence correctly, the points are doubled. When you are done with a game, you may register your result and compete with other players.


In the Game menu you may stop the game, and in addition you may see the results by choosing Highscores. Under the label "Size" you may choose window size: Small, Medium, Large or Fit Screen.

Parts of speech

If you don't want to use all parts of speech, you may choose "Word Classes" in the "Game" menu. There you may also choose predefined sets.

We use these parts of speech:

n Noun (girji, lohkamat, golmmas)
prop Proper noun (William, Kárášjohka)
pron Pronoun (mun, sidjiide, soapmásat, ollu)
num Numeral (okta, 1923)
adj Adjective (alit, ollu, njealját)
prp Preposition/postposition (alde, miehtá)
conj Conjunction (ja, ahte, vaikko)
intj Interjection (vuoi, jippi)
adv Adverb (hui, johtilit, olgun)
v Verb (lean, borran, juhkamis)
part Particle (go, amma, han)

In some cases you will find parts of speech not found in Sámi, such as "infm" (infinitival marker) and "art" (article).

Help functions and Labyrinth link

You may read more about our sentences and parts of speech here: Sentences, syntactic functions and parts of speech

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