Analysing words and text

Below you will find a link to the text analyser tool at giellatekno. You may use it for analysing isolated words or texts, and you may invoke a function for translating base forms into Norwegian. Here we explain some basic functions:

  • If you want to analyse a word, choose "Give all word forms".
  • If you want to analyse sentences or text, you may choose "Disambiguate". This implies that instead of all analyses, you will (hopefully) get only the analyses which fit this particular context - both a morphological and a syntactical analysis.
  • If you choose "Bokmål Norwegian word translation", you will get a translation of the baseform into Norwegian.
  • If you choose "Hyphenate", you will get a hyphenated version of the text.
  • If you choose "Transcribe", you will get a transcription of the text, with the international phonetic alphabet (IPA).

Analyse word or text

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