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On the page Alphabet you find a list with all Skolt Sámi letters. For each letter you can also listen to the general pronunciation. On the following pages, the pronunciation of each letter for vowels, consonants and other letter-like signs is explained with the help of example words you can listen to.

Remember that Skolt Sámi has several letters which Finnish does not have. Apart from that, Skolt Sámi orthography is relatively close to the actual pronunciation. Therefore, only in a few cases we need to use a kind of simplyfied transkription. These are the forms written in between two slashes / … /. This transcription shall only give you an impression about the general pronunciation of the respective letter, but does not show the actual Skolt Sámi orthography!

Please note that our explanations are written for people without special knowledge in phonology. We compare the Skolt Sámi pronunciation with Finnish and in some cases with other languages in order to create easily comprehensible explanations. Better phonological descriptions you will find in the following sources:

  • Feist, T. 2010: A grammar of Skolt Saami. Manchester.
  • Korhonen, M. / Mosnikoff / Sammallahti, P. 1973: Koltansaamen opas. Helsinki
  • Moshnikoff, S. / Moshnikoff J. / Koponen, E. 2009: Koltansaamen koulukielioppi. Inari.

Remember that stress normally falls on the first syllable in Skolt Sámi, just like in Finnish.