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Word quizes are fun, and useful in order to train the vocabulary. The Leksa game is meant for pupils who are learning Saami, perhaps also for pupils in need of writing practice. The program accepts synonyms, so that "dolla" can be translated as both "ild" and "bål". Let us know if synonyms are missing!


  • From Saami to Norwegian, or from Norwegian to Saami.
  • Words: You can restrict the vocabulary, and choose a text book or a subject.
  • Place names: You can restrict the geographical range of the place names ("Sápmi" or "World"). You can also restrict the place names according to frequency ("common" or "rare").

In Leksa, we want the users to practice everyday language, and the game is based on words which are used in beginner courses. You can read more about this on the Oahpa-vocabulary page. We can add lists of place names from your area, and we can also make teaching aids for specific subjects, such as sami handicraft (duodji). Feel free to contact us if you have suggestions.

Link to Leksa

Animal-Quiz is suitable for pupils who have a good command of Saami. You find this game under the VISL-programs.