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The user may practice word inflection in a systematic way - either with singleton words (Morfa-S) or words in sentences, in order to learn the context in which to use the wordforms (Morfa-C).


  • Parts of speech, see details further down.
  • Stem type (Morfa-S): bisyllabic, trisyllabic or contracted stems, or all of them.
  • Vocabulary according to textbook.
  • The student can get the Norwegian translation by clicking the word she/he does not understand (Morfa-S).
  • Help (Morfa-S): When the student makes mistakes, she/he can be instructed about correct inflection.

Parts of speech and inflection

The user may choose what part of speech to work with; nouns, adjectives, verbs or numerals.

  • Nouns: nominative plural and other cases. In the other cases, the student will be given base forms in both singular and plural.
  • Verbs: present and past indicative, conditional, potential and imperative
  • Adjectives: as attribute or predicative with comparision. Morfa-S has the same inflection categories in different cases.
  • Numerals: inflected in different cases, also as attribute to nouns. Collective numerals and ordinal numerals in different cases. Morfa S - in level 1 there are numerals up to 10, both in singular and plural. In level 2 there are also bigger numerals. In Morfa C there are numerals up to 10, both singular and plural.


Morfa-s single words

Morfa-c sentences

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