Tools for South Saami

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Here are some tools for those who are learning South Saami, or are parents of children who are learning South Saami.

  • Gïelese: learn South Saami words. Audiofiles and photos.
  • OAHPA-åarjel – Interactive programs for training words and grammar
  • Gïelebaalkan mietie - course paths for university students learning North Saami. Explanations are in Norwegian and Saami. Audiofiles and links to exercises.
  • Grammar (in Norwegian)
  • Paradigms – Tool for word inflection
  • Neahttadigisánit – online dictionary. You don't have to downloac it. The dictionary knows also inflected words, and has a Reader Plugin which makes it possible to click at words at Internet, to get them translated.
  • Nedtedigibaakoeh: Saami-Norwegian and Norwegian-Saami online dictionary
    • Understands inflected words
    • Offers inflection paradigms.
    • Linked to corpus search.
    • With a bookmarklet: click a word in a text to get it translated.
  • Webdict: Saami-Norwegian and Norwegian-Saami online dictionary.
    • The words are presented as a list, which can be useful if you don't know how to spell the word.
    • Only baseforms.
  • More South Saami dictionaries
  • Numbers, clock and dates in many Saami languages
  • GEO – place names from language to language
  • Corpus search – look up words in texts
  • Divvun spell checker program