Animal Quiz

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About the game

In this game you are supposed to guess what animal the computer has chosen - or you may choose an animal, and let the computer guess (the latter does not work yet).

How to choose language and animal

Before you start, you choose language or languages (use CTRL [or SHIFT] jif you want to choose more languages at the same time). Then you can use more languages, and in the end you get points if you can translate the animal's name to other languages.

You may choose

  • an easy animal
  • an animal a bit harder to guess
  • any animal


Information about the animal

In the menu you will get information about the different animals. Only the information categories chosen for the animal are visible, so that you do not get the entire menu for each animal. When you have chosen one information category, it usually disappears from the menu. However, if there is more information in that category, it remains visible, and you can choose it again. The information categories are:

  • - gos máilmmis (geographical "whereabouts")
  • - gos luonddus (where in nature - habitat) / habitáhta
  • - biebmu (what does it eat)
  • - makkár ealli (what kind of animal - category)
  • - sturrodat/hápmi (size/appearance)
  • - ivdni (colour)
  • - gorudis (erenoamášvuođat) (special features)
  • - lihkadeapmi (movements)
  • - attáldagat (talents)
  • - buktagat (products)
  • - sahkaneapmi (reproduction)

Helpful word lists and link

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